Writing Strategies for Anchor Courses


Writing assignments in anchor courses introduce students to a discipline’s specific ways of thinking and writing.


  1. While instructors determine the amount and type of writing assigned in the anchor course, instructors should give their students at least one opportunity to use writing as a means of sharing information.
  2. All assignments should be designed for a specific audience and created for a valid purpose.

Use these guidelines to optimize students’ writing experience(s) in your course:

  • Use mixed media: Give students opportunities to incorporate technology into their writing experiences.
  • Move beyond personal experience: Support students in their attempt to present information in writing that informs or persuades an audience.
  • Make connections: Encourage students to integrate various pieces of learning into their writing.
  • Incorporate style: Introduce students to the discipline’s conventions of writing.
  • See writing as a team effort: Provide students with opportunities to both give and receive feedback on writing.

These guidelines support the undergraduate college’s goals for written communication: Consider audience and purpose; apply critical reasoning and creativity; choose appropriate language and style; and follow the conventions of a particular discipline.