A cover page polishes the presentation of your paper. Here’s our how-to guide:

APA Format

Key Points:

  • Double Spaced, 1 inch Margins
  • In header, type “Running head:”
  • Add abbreviated title in all caps
  • Place page number on the right
  • In the center of the page, add: title, subtitle (if applicable), your name, your college

Chicago Style Format

Key Points:

  • Double Spaced, 1 inch Margins
  • ≈1/3 from the top, place title
  • Add subtitle on the line below
  • A few spaces down, add name
  • A few more spaces down, put: – course code/title, – your professor’s name, – due date
    * However, title page = page 1

MLA Format

Key Points:

  • More often than not, there is no cover page — just a heading!
  • Place your last name and the page number in heading
  • On the top left, include (double-spaced):
    • your name,
    • your professor’s name,
    • your class,
    • due date (“day month year”)
    • Centered on the line below this information, place your title
    • The rest of the paper can now begin on the line below the title

NOTE: If your professor does require an MLA title page, follow this example: