Writing at the College




8 Commonly Misspelled Words and How to Fix Them

Picture this: The sun has long set, students have dwindled out of the library, and you’re nervously trying to finish a paper due the next morning. Writing at a feverish pace, you're suddenly halted by the simple question of whether to use affect or effect. In your...

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Writing: The Endless Frontier

You know that moment in Finding Nemo when Nemo first looks into the open ocean beyond the reef? There is something mysterious, frightening, and magical about it. You get the same feeling when you look at a clear night sky and see the immensity of the universe....

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Integrating Quotes

Don't know how to fit that perfect quote into your sentence? Check out these five tips: 1. Introduce a quotation with a complete sentence followed by a colon. Make sure to use a colon (:), not a semicolon (;) or a comma (,) in this situation. Example: She summed up...

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Crafting a Solid History Paper

Hello there, historian! My name is Stephen Fishbune, and you’ve stumbled upon a resource I created to help students write papers in history classes. This resource is set up so that you can easily jump to whatever section you need, whether you are working on the...

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Cover Pages for Every Format

A cover page polishes the presentation of your paper. Here's our how-to guide: APA Format Key Points: Double Spaced, 1 inch Margins In header, type "Running head:" Add abbreviated title in all caps Place page number on the right In the center of the page, add: title,...

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Mid-Sentence Punctuation

When I say comma, do you say cringe? Punctuation is one of the most troubling aspects of writing. I’m not talking about your average period or question mark—it's those pesky commas, colons, semicolons, and em dashes in the middle of a sentence that give us the...

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How To Write Awesome Thesis Statements

For some writers, a thesis statement can be the most difficult part of the paper to write because it requires the writer to closely consider what the paper is about. Want to make the process easier? Keep these tips in mind! 1. To begin. Write down a few ideas about...

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