Writing at the College




Swift Synonyms

To keep your word choice interesting, it's helpful to avoid using the same word over and over again. Check out some variations of these frequently used words: *Note: Synonyms don't always directly replace other words. Be sure to check if the synonym you've chosen is...

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How to Write a Formal Email

General Guidelines: Use a professional email address! DO: use your school email address DO NOT: use the email address you created when you were 12 Write a short, meaningful, specific note in the subject line. DO: BU101 Paper Question DO NOT: HELP! I have an important...

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Tips to Proofread Your Own Paper

Take a step back. Phew. You finished your paper before it's due! Take that spare time (even if it's only 20 minutes) to proofread. Words and phrases that make sense in your head while you're writing don't always make sense a couple hours later when your mind is fresh...

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9 Quick Tips to Step Up Your Writing

Craft your thesis carefully. Answer the prompt. You may have an A+ idea, but you won't get an A+ for not answering the question. Make it an argument, not a summary. At the college level, your professor doesn't want a book report. A thesis should connect ideas, propose...

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APA Style

APA style is most commonly used for Business, Social Sciences and Education. If you need more information beyond this source, check out Purdue Owl. Headings: APA citation requires a cover page (Note the centered format and information). Title of Your Paper Author...

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Chicago Manual Style

Chicago Style citations are generally used for published papers, but are often requested by professors to help students practice its use. If you need more information than what is located in this source, the best reference is Purdue Owl. Headings: Check with your...

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MLA Style

While Purdue Owl offers the most comprehensive resource for proper MLA citation, you can find handy tips from this basic MLA overview. Headings: MLA does not require a cover page but insists that specific information be included at the upper left-hand corner of your...

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Found Poetry

There’s a moral here… The magic doesn’t go away. I keep dreaming Telling stories, Memory and imagination combine To the illusion of aliveness. Except this isn’t real. Here is the story-truth I loved her She died It didn’t seem real. Not then, not ever. But in a story,...

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5 Steps to Constructing a Foolproof Outline

Creating an outline is an essential part of the writing process, but it can be daunting when you don't know where to begin. These five steps will help get you started! 1. Craft a thesis statement. A thesis is the central focus of your paper, and it will help you...

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