Writing at the College

Fostering the growth of writing across campus


Reporting to the Associate Dean of General Education and supported by the Writing Advisory Group, Writing at the College provides experiences that guide students in achieving these writing goals:

  • Consider audience and purpose
  • Use evidence effectively
  • Apply critical reasoning and creativity
  • Choose appropriate language and style
  • Follow the conventions of a particular discipline

Opportunities for Writing


Visit the Writing Studio for free face-to-face feedback on any undergraduate writing project. Make an appointment.

Access the Writing Studio site for FAQs and resources, and read our writing blog.

Consider internships that include writing as a major component.

Enroll in cool courses that focus on advancing writing knowledge. Here are a few: Playwriting, Editing, Storytelling, Intercultural Communication, Short Fiction Writing, Professional Communication, Poetry Writing, and Persuasion and Advocacy.

Lead a team of peers in campus outreach programs connected to writing, including Mosaic, the College’s literary arts journal, The Cardinal, the campus newsblog, MindBlown, a science blog, or Spread the Love, a program focused on inclusivity.


Gain strategies for using writing in your courses through individual writing consultations.

Join the Writing Advisory Group of internal campus stakeholders who provide knowledge and feedback to ensure a vibrant and engaging writing community.

Request feedback and guidance on a specific writing assignments.

Locate resources on writing to guide you in writing practices and pedagogy.


Identify the course requirements for writing in the Quality Writing Paradigm, including first year writing, anchor courses, mid-level writing-rich courses, and upper-level writing-rich courses.

Engage in developing a plan for writing for your department, and implement assessment tools for writing in your classes.

Participate in faculty workshops and department discussions about writing.

Request semester-long collaboration on writing-rich assignments in your courses, or get feedback and guidance on immediate writing projects.